Area Navigation Study, Various Counties, New York

This term agreement provided business assessment and planning services for non-carrier airports located throughout New York State.

Shumaker Consulting, Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C. (SCE) was responsible for analyzing obstruction clearance requirements at selected general aviation airports to facilitate installation of a RNAV Approach for each site.

SCE also provided data collection and review of relevant design criteria, including runway approaches, to identify obstructions. Tabular reports of airport data was prepared with detailed information about property acquisition requirements. SCE also detailed the quantity of existing and removed obstructions and residential business relocation requirements as required to prepare obstruction clearance surfaces for RNAV Approach.

Binghamton Regional Airport, Rehabilitation Of Runway 10-28 And Rehabilitation Of North And West Aprons

Town of Maine,County of Broome, New York

The Runway 10-28 project provided milling of the existing asphalt wearing surface and the placement of a new P-401 surface. The project also required construction at night to reduce impacts on airport operation.

During the nighttime operation, the airports main 7500ft. runway was reduced to 5000ft using temporary threshold lights. The North and West Apron project included the rehabilitation of approximately 400,000 square feet of bituminous concrete pavement including drainage, lighting, and signage

.Shumaker Consulting Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C. (SCE) provided services for two airside projects at Binghamton Regional Airport. SCE was responsible for the providing survey/mapping and construction inspections tasks.

Orange County Municipal Airport, Construct Taxiway ‘B’ Parallel to Runway 8-26

Town of Montgomery, County of Orange, New York

With more than 200 based aircraft and over 100,000 annual operations, Orange County Airport is one of the fastest growing general aviation facilities in the Northeast.

Shumaker Consulting Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C. (SCE) assisted Orange County in obtaining FAA Airport Improvement Program Grants for the projects. Responsibilities also included providing design and construction review services of the construction of Taxiway ‘B’, a full parallel taxiway to Runway 8-26. The work included a stub taxiway to Runway 8-26, as well as construction of new pavement, drainage, lighting, signing, markings, and grading. The taxiway was constructed in two phases and also included a new drainage outfall into the Wallkill River.

Pavement Management System Program 1997 and 2002 For Upstate General Aviation And Commercial Airports

Various Counties, New York

This Pavement Management System (PMS) program inventories, assesses, and analyzes airside pavements to provide an objective and systematic procedure for setting priorities for pavement maintenance and repair. Program data will be used to prioritize funding of pavement rehabilitation projects at airports throughout New York State.

The scope of services included data collection pertaining to pavement history; defining the pavement network; conducting visual condition surveys; and establishing the PMS database and analysis routines.

Shumaker Consulting, Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C. (SCE) was a member of a design team contracted by NYSDOT to develop a Pavement Management System (PMS) for a number of different airports. Computerized maps were developed and linked to the PMS using a GIS.

For this contract, SCE participated in data collection for the pavement history and performed visual condition surveys at various airports located throughout New York State. During the 1997 original project, SCE drafted airport maps and linked those maps to the various pavement sections and ages.

Ticonderoga Municipal Airport, Environmental And Engineering Design Services For Reconstruction Of Runway 02-20

Town of Ticonderoga, County of Essex, New York

Ticonderoga Municipal Airport (TMA) is a General Aviation Airport in the heart of the Champlain Valley tourist region located between Lake Champlain and Lake George.

The scope of this project includes full depth pavement reconstruction; runway profile line of sight improvements; drainage work; Runway Safety Areas (RSA) improvements; partial parallel taxiway; lighting; and markings.

Shumaker Consulting Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C. (SCE) assisted the town in obtaining an FAA Airport Grant for the project and was responsible for preparing environmental assessment. SCE developed final design plans for the primary rehabilitation and also stormwater pollution prevention plans.

The FAA determined no significant impact (FONSI) for the project.

Ticonderoga Municipal Airport Master Plan Update
SCE collected pertinent data and prepared a report addressing future development at the TMA. This report was submitted to state and federal agencies for review and to establish a prioritized list of projects contingent upon appropriation of funds

Orange County Airport - Design of Signage Upgrade & Replacement along Runway 8-26; Taxiways C, D, E & F Lighting Upgrade;  and PAPI Installation on Runway 8, Runway 26 and Runway 21 Ends; Obstruction Clearance in the Runway 26 End

This project assisted the Orange County Airport to meet the sign compliance required by the current FAA standards. It will also replace defective, stake-mounted, medium intensity runway lighting currently installed along Runway 8-26. The OCA does not have vertical guidance on Runway 8-26. Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPIs) will be placed on the Runway 8 and 26 ends. The PAPI placement on Runway 26 requires some obstruction removal. The VASI system on Runway 21 is currently dysfunctional and irreparable; it will be replaced with the PAPI system.

Shumaker Consulting Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C. (SCE) is responsible for all design, survey, and construction review tasks for this project.

Orange County Airport – Master Plan Update
The Master Plan Update consisted of an identification of existing and future airport requirements; evaluation of airport facilities to accommodate aviation demand, and addressed the Sponsor’s desire to continue to provide improved airport facilities.  Selection of a recommended development plan was based upon land use and air space considerations, facility requirements, environmental impacts, development costs, financial feasibility, infrastructure, access, economic development considerations, and community service requirements.

SCE provided an environmental overview to identify potential impact areas and provide sufficient information to allow for alternative evaluation and selection.  Following selection of a preferred development, an Airport Layout Plan will be prepared.  A financial plan will also be prepared, which outlines proposed facility development as shown on the ALP, and associated costs and financing.

PIN 1907.60 Design and Construction of Security Fencing, Signage and Electronic Gate System
This project will design and construct approximately 15,000 feet of security fencing, signs and gates necessary to make the airport compliant with the security plan that was produced in 2005. Six (6') high security fencing will be erected around the airport property, gates and signs will be added at access points. The project will also look at an electronic security gate system to further control access to the airport.