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Party Chief/Technician III

Party Chief/Technician III (PC) will demonstrate extensive,thorough and detailed knowledge of current technical standards and survey methodologies,including:

Design, ROW, boundary, construction, photo control & GPS surveys. Will have detailed working knowledge of standard field & office procedures,including field equipment/instrument operations & field safety/fIrst-aid procedures. Will perform & be responsible for electronic data collection,computer processing of field data,survey computations, fieldoperations, field note reduction,and in-depth preparation/interpretation of plans. Will supervise field and office tasks that are performed by other personnel,including the Instrument Person and/or Rod Person.Will also demonstrate awareness of current technical standards and appreciation for surveying ethics and professional associations. Location: Binghamton, NY Compensation:Depends of experience.

Contact - Phone: (607) 798-8081 Fax: (607) 798-8186