SCE Survey & Environmental Services
“I found Shumaker to be very accessible and dependable with an exceptional quality of work. The design team staff was courteous and informative and generally nice people to deal with. They did the work that we wanted but always provided options. They put the client first, they were affordable and I especially liked the bridge modeling that was prepared for the replacement projects”.
Ron Tiderencel, Superintendent of Highways, Otsego County

 “The Consultant coordinated with the Prime and the sub-consultants, and attended project meetings. They performed the wetland delineation and survey and submitted the report. In addition to the environmental tasks, they also were willing to help with the extra work request from the Region. The Consultant processes data well and produces comprehensive plans and reports in a timely fashion. They keep to the project schedule, practice good quality control, and work well as part of the consultant team. All work is submitted in a timely manner. Their staff is highly qualified and works well with the team…all work is done according to Department standards….all work is submitted according to the current schedule.”  NYSDOT Consultant Management Bureau

SCE Survey/Mapping Services
Shumaker is the top firm for survey and mapping work. Paul (Waters) is very knowledgable of all DOT requirements, and their deliverables are consistently well done with little or no correction needed. Paul is also very organized, which helped on this project with all the (Department requested) take line changes. ­Paul and his staff are very professional and easy to work with. They keep up to date with ­­­all Statewide and regional preferences and, if they're unsure of a procedure, will call first ­­­for instructions.” NYSDOT Consultant Management Bureau

SCE Environmental Services
“Shumaker Engineering has performed quality asbestos inspection and asbestos monitoring work for the Department in this, the second year of a three year term agreement.  The firm's personnel are well versed in Department of Transportation and Department of Labor laws and regulations regarding the identification and removal of asbestos containing materials.Shumaker Consulting Engineering is recommended for future Asbestos Abatement and Monitoring work with the Department.” NYSDOT Consultant Management Bureau