Interstate 81 to Fort Drum Construction and Rehabilitation Interstate Interchange

Fort Drum Military Reservation, County of Jefferson

This project addressed environmental services for the construction and rehabilitation of a 6.5 to 8.0 km transportation link between Interstate Route 81 and the Main Gate of Fort Drum.

Shumaker Consulting, Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C. (SCE) was responsible for the wetlands effort, which included screening the Project Study Area (approximately 25 square miles) for the presence of federal/state wetlands and surface water bodies. Field data was used to generate electronic files to support initial development of design alternatives. SCE supervised the field delineation effort and reviewed the wetlands report.

SCE performed an asbestos assessment of existing buildings located within the proposed highway corridor.

SCE performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment early in the planning phases of the project to screen three alternative project corridors for properties of environmental concern.  The area to be covered was abnormally large, covering 16 square miles of city, suburban, and agricultural land.  Results of the screening will be used by the NYSDOT in assessing the most viable route for the project.  Once a route is chosen, SCE will prepare Work Plans for the investigation of properties along that route for Phase II environmental investigation.