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Project Overview

This project was necessitated as a result of Tropical Storm Lee, which caused the Wappasening Creek to rise over its banks and flood 90% of Kirby Park. The water washed away goal posts, caused structural damage to park facilities, and left the grounds covered in mud and debris. As a result of this project, Kirby Park’s amenities will be more flood-resistant and it will reduce the amount of damage to the park and clean-up after storms. This project is funded by CDBG-DR funds, through the New York Rising Community Reconstruction (NYRCR) Program of the New York State Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR). A major component of the project included providing better pedestrian access to the park along East River Road by widening the existing roadway shoulders to 5 feet. The project also consisted of reconfiguring the park and providing new park structures so that the park would be more flood resilient.

Project Start Date12/11/2017

Project End Date12/30/2018


Project Description

Shumaker Consulting Engineering and Land Surveying, D.P.C. (SCE) provided survey and mapping and preliminary & final design to widen the shoulders to the park along East River Road (County Route 6). SCE also provided hydraulic analysis of the park and Wappasening Creek flooding for pre and post construction conditions. Additionally, SCE assisted the Village in obtaining a Permits For Use of NYSDEC Flood Control Lands for East River Road, which crosses a floodwall and goes through the DEC easement.

As observed during runoff events in 2006, 2011, and 2017, Kirby Park is subject to a variety of fluvial (river) hazards including complete inundation (flooding) of the park during high water events along the Susquehanna River, accumulation of small and large flood-borne debris conveyed by Wappasening Creek, deposition of sediment due to backwater caused by high flows on the Susquehanna River, and erosion caused by concentrated flows at a variety of conditions. Each of these fluvial hazards has necessitated significant time and effort from the Village of Nichols (Village) to address before re-opening the park following these events. With the goal to reduce the costs and time needed to recover from such runoff events to achieve the primary project goal of improving the flood resiliency of Kirby Park, Shumaker conducted detailed hydrologic and hydraulic modeling that was utilized to inform the design of flood resistant park features.

The hydrologic and hydraulic effort included 1-dimensonal and 2-dimensional modeling of the Susquehanna River and Wappasening Creek using the US Army Corps of Engineers HEC-RAS model. The modeling effort included an analysis of coincident flooding along the Susquehanna River and Wappasening Creek to determine hydraulic conditions and locations that contribute to highest shear and erosive forces.

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Project Features

  • Preliminary and Final Roadway Widening Design
  • Survey & Mapping
  • Hydraulic Analysis & Modeling
  • Environmental Permitting

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