Ms. Shumaker has been the President/CEO at Shumaker since 1992. She proved herself as a leader in the firm and strong technical engineer for 15 years prior to taking over the management of the firm. In 1992, she started with a small, local 11 employee firm and transformed it into a multi-disciplined firm with multiple locations in multiple states with over 50 employees offering services throughout the Northeast. The vision Ms. Shumaker had for the firm was immense and with the dedication she showed and instilled in her staff she was able to make that vision a reality. Ms. Shumaker has an entrepreneurial nature, which she has encouraged throughout her firm. She is continually asking her employees to strive to better and challenge themselves to improve their skills and strengthen the firm. She has continually adopted the newest technology throughout her decades of managing the firm, which can be seen through the use of digital data and design solutions, model-based design, drone mapping, and LIDAR scanning. Ms. Shumaker’s commitment to advancing the profession and informing the community of the issues pertaining to engineering is evidenced through her active involvement at all levels of governance-local, state, and nationally. She has forged strong, lasting professional relationships with both local and state representatives and has been a driving force in informing and educating them of engineering issues and priorities. Ms. Shumaker continues to be sought out for advice by various local and state representatives on engineering, business, and infrastructure initiatives and ideas.

Professional Engineer – New York, 1984; Pennsylvania, 1992; New Jersey, 1993; Delaware, 1993; Connecticut, 1994;
Maine, 2003; Vermont, 2004; Massachusetts, 2004

▪ B.S. Biology – SUNY Oswego, 1976
▪ M.S. Sanitary Science – Syracuse University, 1978
▪ B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering – Cornell University, 1981


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